The Mystery Art

The DEUS EX MACHINA Company was founded in 1995.

From the outset, as a collective of artists and stage designers, it brought together a variety of actors and recent graduates from New Circus and theater schools, from the School of Fine Arts, or the Music Conservatory of Paris.

The company chisels whole worlds in street performances and happenings, making the most of the arts of the body (theater, dance, circus), of stage effects, pyrotechnics and video projection techniques (Cf. Quel Jour Déjà, 1996).

The aesthetics of the "Deus ex machina" is that of a contemplative theater. It is most of the time built around a visual, resonant and olfactory journey, a culture of the gesture and of the perfect curve, could it be performed by the ball of a juggler, the body of a dancer or by the glimmer of a pyrotechnic effect. The performances are brimming over with humour, with love, but their primary sources of inspiration are drawn from dreams and from the impossible

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